White Sandy Beaches

...and sitting on a floating raft on the lake while writing this story. They also serve food to the floats, delivered by boat. It’s a nice way to spend the afternoon. With the wind it’s nice and cool.

The destination was Hua Hin, where I had stayed before many years ago and learned to play golf. Golf wasn’t the reason to go this time. I gave up on golf a couple years back. It’s not a game for me. Not that I can’t play, but it doesn’t excite me, I simply don’t enjoy it.

But before going to Hua Hin we went to Pranburi, a bit further down the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. We had left early in the morning at 6:00 am. The Mittraphap Road wasn’t too busy and the drive was okay. At an Amazon Cafe in Sikhio we stopped for “breakfast”, which was cappuccinos and cake. Then came the second part of the drive. Google suggested driving right through Bangkok, as it would be the “fastest” route. I wasn’t too sure about that, having seen traffic jams in Bangkok many times and considering that it is a city with more than 10 million people. So I opted for driving around it, following highway 9, which runs on the east side of Nonthaburi.

The progress was good, though the traffic was considerable. Then we went onto highway 35 and later on 37. Here, on the highway to Thailand’s south, the traffic became lighter and driving started to be more enjoyable. That was the time when we stopped for lunch, before continuing on to Pranburi. Overall it was 8 hours of driving time. Because of the traffic it’s impossible to compare it with driving in the Yukon. Here, driving is not relaxing.

The pool villa was indeed quite nice and there was an additional jacuzzi. Overall the villa was quite comfortable, though I couldn’t imagine spending a vacation here. But that wasn’t the intent anyway. It was quite enjoyable to use the pool right in front of the villa.

At lunch the next day we checked out of Evason and went on to Hua Hin, checking into the Marrakesh Hotel, which has an Arabic theme. It is nice, clean and comfortable, though the bathroom was a bit dark. But the breakfast was very good, good quality with many options, also offering in addition to “ordinary” coffee, cappuccino or latte. The big bonus was that it’s located right on the beach, which indeed is a white sand beach. The swimming pool was of a decent size, and pretty much empty during the day. Like in Pranburi, there were few guests at this time of the year. So here were our relaxing days.