The province of Buriram has some important historical sites (which I visited some years ago). This trip to the capital of Buriram was not about history. It was about football (or soccer in North America). Thai Premier League: Buriram United vs Bangkok Glass. And Buriram has a real football stadium, the i-mobile stadium or Thunder Castle.

At about $5 per ticket the cost is affordable. Of course, Lionel Messi doesn't play here, but it was still a good game to watch and an overall nice experience. And it is quite a nice drive to Buriram, about 100 km on well maintained country roads.

I have never seen any city anywhere, where so many people wear the shirt of the local football team, and not just on game day.

And yes, Buriram did win…

I have never seen any city anywhere where so many people wear the jersey of the local sports team.

One of the three universities in Buriram.

Part of the moat in the inner city.

Have a look at the age of the moat...

Buriram has a nice walking street on the weekends.