Chaiyaphum is a province also located in Issan, the northeast of Thailand, bordering Khon Kaen province and mostly a farming region. It is certainly one of the provinces less visited by foreign travelers or tourists.

We left early in the morning, people were still leading their cows to the grazing pastures of the day, forcing us to slowing navigate our way through them on the road.

In comparison to Khon Kaen there are more mountains here and rice fields gave way to pineapple fields. From the top of the mountains we had interesting views on the plains below. Our next destination was another mountain rage and home to the Mo Win Khao National Park, also know as the stonehenge of Thailand. though here the stones weren’t moved by people. On the way back we stopped and brought pineapples from a farm for us and the neighbors.

Overnight we stayed in a hotel in Chaiyaphum. In these off the beaten track regions it is easy to find good and cheap accommodation. As it was a Saturday night we walked from the hotel to the Chaiyaphum Walking Street, a night market, mostly selling food.

The next morning we went to the Tatton waterfall and stayed until lunch, before driving home.

It was an interesting weekend trip, not too far to drive. And passing the villages was certainly interesting. Also, at this time the landscape is a lush green with the rice already planted. It will look very different in February or March. Higher on the mountains it was also much cooler.

However, it would be more challenging to travel here with public transportation. We saw one young western traveller doing it on his bicycle.