October 2017

I had been telling my mom that I would come and visit at this time for a couple of years now. But I also thought it would be wise to make more out of the trip and not just a visit. It might be my last time to actually travel in Europe. So it became a three week long trip through Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein and Holland.

It sounds like a long list, but then distances in Europe are short compared with Canada and I have been very selective in what I wanted to see and where I wanted to stop. Having lived there for more than 30 years is quite different than being a first time visitor.

In Frankfurt I did rent a decent car for driving the German Autobahn and the mountain roads in the Alps. Europe is expensive, very much though, even in the off-season. And that isn't just me being now used to Asian costs of living.

But overall it was a good trip. The timing was very good as fall was just setting in with its beautiful colors.

a restaurant in Neuf Brisach/ France

Rhine valley in Baden/ Germany. I used to live here for 3 years, many years ago. One of the prime areas of growing wine in Germany.

Innsbruck/ Austria

Bern/ Switzerland

Iseltwald at Lake Brienz/ Switzerland

Lucerne/ Switzerland

Castle Liechtenstein (and yes, Liechtenstein is its own country)


Fiaka in Salzburg/ Austria

Cheese shop in Alkmaar/ Holland

This restaurant in Bamberg/ Germany operates since 1380, now for more than 600 years...

city of Lemgo/ Germany

Hermannsdenkmal in Detmold/ Germany: monument of Arminius, who stopped the on-going invasion of the Roman Empire into Germania in 7BC by destroying the Roman army.