This was going to be a three day trip as it is a bit further to go to Loei. And we didn’t just wanted to go to the province, we wanted to go to the Mekong River. Really it should be called the Kong River as the name derives from แม่น้ำโขง, pronounced Mae Nam Kong, “Mae Nam” meaning river and “Kong” being the name of the river. It borders the north and parts of the east of Thailand with Laos being on the other side.

Overnight we stayed close to Him Pha Ngam. It was a great place and I certainly would stay there again. There was some rain overnight, which didn’t really bother us. .

Our destination for the next day was Phu Ruea National Park,อุทยานแห่งชาติภูเรือ.

Phu Ruea is a mountain in the Phetchabun Mountains.

Going there became a bit challenging as me lost our phone connection following some small mountain roads. There were occasional fields, but it was mostly forest and mountains.

However, we did get there and it was rather cool, 15C, on the top of the mountain. The mountain is 1,365 meters high. It has numerous waterfall, the forest being mainly pine, and is home to bear, barking deer and various monkey species.

Our first destination was a real tourist destination, Chiang Khan nestled along the river. It is well known for its old and partly restored Thai style houses.

Being a tourist destination also makes it expensive by Thai standards. Being objective, it was worth coming here for the river sights that I always liked, having seen this big river at various other locations.

Coming for the town is (in my opinion) not worth it as you can see similar houses in so many Thai villages all over the country. And there they are actually much more authentic. During the evening the road closest to the river transforms into a night market, not a real Thai market, though, as mostly items for tourists, foreign and local, are offered.