I was in a unique situation, having worked about 20 years in Germany and 20 years in Canada. With Germany's retirement age at 68 it would have meant to work about another 10 years for receiving the full pension. This was not really appealing to me. Retiring early with my Canadian portion of my pension in Thailand with its lower cost of living seemed much more appealing.

So I decided a few years back to retire early and move to Thailand. I could not imagine myself living in a condo in the middle of a big city or in a ghetto full of foreigners at the seaside. Living in a smaller town or village was what I could imagine.

Of course, I could have stayed in Canada, but the Asian version seemed to be much more interesting.

So here I am, in Issan, with its Savannah climate, without the high humidity at the ocean and summer year-round. I thought I might miss skiing, but so far I don't miss it and the cold that goes with it.

Building a House

Nong Song Hong

a district town in the province of Khon Kaen

Issan - Northeast of Thailand

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